So, why exactly are so many people relocating to Austin, Texas? At the last count there were approximately 110 more people in the city today than there were just yesterday. Let's just consider that number for a moment. 110 people every single day! Could it be because the sun shines every day? Well, perhaps, but I suspect there is more to it than that. Is it because Austin is just a little "weird"? Maybe. How about because it is the "live music capital of the world"! Possibly. Austin can certainly make that claim with some justification but would that alone really bring 110 people every day?

I believe there are 5 reasons why people are actually moving here.

1) Jobs. Austin is a booming tech city and great for small businesses and for job growth at all career levels.

2) Low cost of living. Although rentals can be high, Austinites can achieve a higher standard of living for less money than other major cities throughout the US.

3) One of a kind! There is certainly a unique flavor to Austin with all it's food trucks, art, culture, shopping and music.

4) Family friendly. Austin is one of the safer cities in the US and has high quality education as well as being eco-friendly too.

5) Nature. Austin ranks as one of the top 10 green cities as well as being one of the best in the country for the great outdoors.

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